lørdag 25. februar 2012

i want

a boy who..
.. kisses me in the rain
.. cuddles when i’m cold
.. leaves me breathless
.. i miss like crazy when is away
.. makes me forget everything else
.. is worth my heart
.. i can fall in love with over and over again
.. that gives his heart to me


♥ renie

søndag 19. februar 2012


 Quinquagesima Sunday 

it's fastelaven (quinquagesima sunday ) in norway today, which is 40 days before easter... it's typical to make shrovetide bun with cream. it's ancient customs, which at first belonged to a pagan spring festival. the practice refers therefore to the transition from winter to spring. best preserved is "fastelavnsriset", which was used as a "fertility-opener" for the fields, trees, animals and the family's women. other customs were dressing up, weapons, fights, ritual burning of a fire, and to tie naked virgins in front of the plow.. (wikipedia.no).... glad they only kept the "fastelavensris"

shrovetide bun



fredag 17. februar 2012

My Norway,

my Norway ..
experience northern lights or midnight sun above the arctic circle, or visit the world famous norwegian fjords with tall, wild mountains and glaciers. travel back in time and learn about norway’s rich heritage, including vikings and the sami. explore the combination of city life and easy access to the great outdoors!

aurora boralis - the northern light 
a common natural phenomenon in northern norway, and sometimes in the south, and are most commonly observed above the arctic circle between late autumn and early spring

pulpit rock  - a famous scenic attraction

oslo -
the capital of norway is situated by a fjord and surrounded by hills and forests

the norwegian fjord horse is a very storng horse breed. it's one of the world's oldest breed, and it has been used for hundred of years as a farm horse. it's very popular for it good temperatment.

bergen is full of history and tradition, an international city that has retained its small-town charm and atmosphere, and offers an exciting blend of nature, culture and exhilarating city life

nordkapp - midnight sunwhen standing on the cliff at the north cape, mainland europe’s northernmost point, only the svalbard islands separate you from the north pole.
the sun does not set in summer over the arctic circle, meaning visitors to northern norway enjoy 24 hours of daylight this time of year.
the geirangerfjord is unique and exceptionally beautiful –
which is why this fjord landscape is included on unesco's world heritage list.                     

the weather in norway is much milder than one would expect, because of the gulf stream, temperatures along the coast of Nnrway are 5-8°C higher than at comparable latitudes elsewhere.
jæren - the largest flat lowland area in norway with sandy beaches.

beautiful lynx

galdhøpiggen is the highst mountain in the northern europe, 2469 m above the sea level. located in the jotunheimen mountain area.

one of the many fjords

stave church - borgund
this is also the best preserved of norway's 28 extant stave churches.

the former mining town of røros is simply unique - a modern community, in which people live and work right in the middle of an unesco heritage site.                     

the home of the polar bear - the svalbard islands.
 are located in the arctic ocean, halfway between norway and the north pole. svalbard offer untouched arctic wilderness.


the north of norway - lofoten
known for excellent fishing and nature attractions, small villages off the beaten track and whale safaris.                      
the hardanger area is known for the hardangerfjord, the hardangervidda mountain plateau, and the fantastic fruit tree blossoming in spring time.                     

trollstigen - mountain road
it's encirceld by enormous mountains and goes in sharp curves up the mountain side. the road is normally closed from october to may.

oslos's impressive vigelandsparken sculpture park is a must-see. the park's 212 sculptures by gustav vigeland can be viewed for free at any time.

nidadosdomemen,  norway cathedral is located in the city of trondheim.it is the oldest secular building in scandinavia, and one of the best preserved building complexes of its kind in europe.  

hardangervidda, is norway's biggest national park and the largest higland plateau in northern europe.  half of the plateau is a national park, to protect euope's largest wild reindeer herds. contects the west and the east, here in wintertime.

at hafrsfjord -the monument "swords in rock", the viking swords
it was here harald hårfagre fought a battle that united Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD. the monument represents peace, unity and freedom.

the city of ålesund is known for its architecture in art nouveau style, its surrounding fjords and the high peaks of the sunnmøre alps.

for more reading:


torsdag 16. februar 2012

a great start on the long weekend..

a party in my mailbox

today did i found 3 magazines & 5 letters in my mailbox! i have a day off tomorrow, so it will be long weekend for me! i'm looking forward to have some days off!

letters from south korea, estland, finland, switzerland & iceland.

some magazines.. klima, kamille & vagabond.. will for sure enjoy these this weekend.. and dream about travelling!

happy weekend
♥ renie

søndag 12. februar 2012

北京, China

.. Beijing - the heart of Asia

for me is beijing IS asia!!

it's the capital of the people's republic of china, and it's one of the most populous cities in the world. it has many times more people than in my whole country, and the differencs don't stop here.

but beijing has everything; a lot of history, exciting culture, beautiful sights, wonderful archtecture, impressive art, great shopping (yes, my suitcase was very full), tasteful food (i even tried snake but skipped the fish's eye), too much people/cars/ bikes, too much pollution.. but i really enjoyed china a lot.

here are some choosen photos from my trip in 2005:

i just love these beautiful flowers - in the forbidden city

the summer palace
- a variety of palaces, gardens, and other classical-style architectural structures.

it's included in unesco world heritage list:
"a masterpiece of chinese landscape garden design. The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value."

the temple of heaven,
 天坛 also on unesco's list
the complex was visited by the e
mperors of the ming and qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to heaven for good harvest.

great wall of china 万里长城

 originally built to protect the northern borders of the chinese empire against intrusions.
i climed only a little bit of the 8851,5 km - it was impressive, but also a sad to think about all the people who died while they were building it.

the forbidden city 
another impressive place
is the world's largest surviving palace complex built in 1406 to 1420. it's 961 metres x 753 metres, it has 980 buildings with 9,999 rooms (one less than in heaven), gardens. it has been the home for 24 emperors.
the palace complex exemplifies traditional chinese palatial architecture, and has influenced cultural and architectural developments in east asia and elsewhere.
is listed by unesco as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

tea house - tea, tea & more tea!
here did i experience the long tea ceremoneies and tea tasting

beijing had a lot of culture to offer too

chinese food is not only very tasteful, but also a little masterpice.


one thing i didn't like about beijing:
all the pollution
this is taken on a "sunny day".. no clouds here!
my white topp turned grey during a day!

i was so luck to visit some school, of course only a-key schools which are the best. this was a primary school and as a teacher i took some of the pedagogic with me home to norway! ;)

another a-key school, and this is a physic lesson on a high school. very modern, but almost none could speak english! being a student in china means very long days,learning by heart, study hard.. only a few percent are accepted to universty!

                                                 ♥ renie/ 雷娜特

Belgrade, Serbia

...The citry of contrasts - the white city

i went to belgrade in the autum 2010, and i was surprised..  a very nice surprise! it was perfect for a long weekend trip.. charming town with much to see, great nightlife, good shooping, delious food & wine, friendly people!

it's the capital in serbia, and the largst city with a population about 1.7 million. it lies on the confluence of the sava and the danube river.

the city has a long history.. it saw violence again in 1999 with nato's bombing campaign which i remember very well from the new.. this often violent history and outside influence has colored much of belgrade's evolution, which is evident in its culture and architecture. often caught between the hammer and anvil of clashing empires, the city has taken on a unique character, reminiscent of both austrian and turkish influences, with a unique set of communist elements thrown in as yugoslavia was expelled from the eastern bloc in 1948. yet, the city has its own spirit, and in it can be found some not only unique features, but also a healthy joie de vivre in its café culture, nightlife and often mediterranean flavor in its view of life.

belgrade is an energic city, and it's must see destination!

i have taken many hundred phots as usual.. i will share some with you here - enjoy!

overview over the town

sunset... romantic with the couple

easy to see it has been a war here,
nato's bombing in the end of the 90's

once important military fortification, it now serves as central park of belgrade. accessible from the end of the knez mihailova street.

kalemegdan - fortress that offers a beautiful view over the new part and sava and danube river

some serbian food

ruski - in the heart of belgrade  and at Knez Mihailova Street, the
main pedestrian street in belgrade.
crowded during day and night, mostly shopping and numerous cafes.

opera resturant - serbian wine was good too

skadarlija - where the poets, writers, actors went in the early 20th century

beautiful st sava tempel
serbian largest orthodox temple, built from 1935 in several phses and the interior decoration is not yet finished, however visitors have access.